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About Me

Hey there!

Thank you for visiting my website! My name is CJ McClure. I am a proud NYC-based Actor originally from Chadds Ford PA. Ever since I was a child I couldn’t get away from the arts. From being in “kindermusik” as a toddler to majoring in Acting at Pace University in college, my whole life has been one big and chaotic (but fun) whirlwind of creativity. Over the years I’ve dipped my toe in everything from guitar, to improv, to sound design, to proper Shakesperian acting! Across all my hobbies and interests one thing rings true: I have a passion for creating and telling stories. Stories are what bring people together. And the great thing about stories is there are so many different ways to tell them! From a crazy awesome Star Wars movie fight scene to that Simon and Garfunkel song you cry every time you hear (yeah me too) there are limitless possibilities to make somebody feel something. So I’ve made it my life’s mission to keep finding and telling those stories all while writing my own. Click around and explore the site to learn about all the different ways I’ve been telling stories and hopefully one day we can tell one together!



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